Back in early 2015 Arlyn Perkey sent me a number of photos of maps with locations of a number of incidents took place. I had been attempting to find the best method of displaying these so visitors to the website could have a method to view them in detail. I found a tool however I knew it would take some time to create these pages. I must appologise to Arlyn as I have taken WAY too long to post these. It's still a work in progress, however I hope to get these done soon as it appears I have have finally found the 'secret' to making these work.


Again I appologise to Arlyn and hope to get his follow up input to add to the maps.

Page 1: Maps of locations noting actions that took place December 5th through the 9th 1969.

Page 2: Locations of key Towns and Firebases in our area of operations in late 1969.




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